Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Ooofff I'm all a bit sore and tired. It a good sore and tired knowing I did at least one honest days work in my life and I have today off. Yesterday I spend 10 hours shoveling...well ok, 9 hours with an hour off for lunch. Four rooms were having concrete floors poured today at 7am, so we had to get them finished last night.
It took 6 of us till 8:30pm last night to get them level and compacted ready for the concrete. Everyone else had started at 7am that day, I started at 10:30am. Nepotism abuse and lots of Sangria the night before is my defense. Most of the day was shoveling cinders out of the rooms to create a flat level surface. If only less were delivered in the first place, it would have been so much easier, but thats hindsight and my shoulders are coming along nicely.

On Saturday we went to the Ren Faire. It was a hoot. Think Glebe Markets meets Rowany Festival. Its not a huge event and they couldn't hold it last year due to Fire Danger so its kinda starting again.
We borrowed costumes from the ex B&B of Ered Sul (Flagstaff), which was cool. It was fun to dress up again and swan about.

Lots of people in a good range of costumes and lots of weapons, clothes and crystal wizzards on sale. We watched the jousting, ate a Turkey "bigger than thy head" leg, helped Sam in her Quest and she received a scroll and a ring from the Queen on completion and got our face painted. Drunk from the roving keg, awesome idea, they had a huge keg on wheels selling two tasty local brews and Margaritas. Turned around and there they were ready to fill our cups.

The wierd thing was I kept thinking I recognised people, but it was just that SCA look that is universal throughtout time and space.

My wit and mockerating skillz have forsaken me. Did I mention 10 hours of shoveling?
So go and read Bad News Hughes Ren Faire action for a few laughs.