Saturday, August 18, 2007


Mid August, already.
I was just thinking that its been a year since I left my full time Lab Monkey job. ( I'm pretty sure it was August...I've mostly blocked it out). I worked there for 6 years, and was pretty happy with it over all. Interesting people, good pay and training opportunities. The last couple of months were pretty horrible in several respects and it was a mutual case of good riddance from both parties.
I wasn't totally innocent I will admit but things were pretty badly handed all round and still makes me shake my head if I dwell on it.
When work makes you cry its time to hit the toad.
I very nearly didn't go back and quit on the spot. Rob, the calm voice of reason and bringer of red wine and cups of tea convince me otherwise.
I started looking for another science job, but as I realised the whole Green Card thing was moving along, it seemed wrong to take another job like that knowing I was leaving the country, so a bar job was perfect. Different skillz and part time.
I still miss the people and I hope they are all well. I must send out emails to a few folks and see whats happening.
But hey that was a year ago....lots of clean, clean water under the bridge.

Since then I haven't worked full time and spent alot of time sleeping in. After leaving SW I started work just up the road at the Leagues Club, which was pretty funny since people would come up for lunch. I promise I never weed into the managers beer...not even once.

Then there was mucho packing and moving out of our house to stay in Speedy's spare flat for a couple of months. It didn't really sink in that I was moving countries, just the last few weeks were a blaze of parties, packing, and a few tears now and then.

We couldn't get a direct flight so we flew out mid January to Taiwan for 3 days. Was fun to check out Taipei and the local coastline.
We flew into Flagstaff, greeted by the family and a foot of snow on the ground.

Its been 7 months, 7 good months.
Rob is still working from home. A two meter or a 14000 km commute, depending how you look at it. We like to look at it as 'The Sweetest Job Ever'.
I've slept, read, biked, hiked, volunteered, shopped and occasionally worked.
'Sweetest Life Style Ever'.

Just after I started at the new bar job, the Animal Shelter where I have been volunteering as a Vet Tech offered me a job. Originally it wasn't going to start for another few weeks but they wanted me to start earlier so the last two days, I've been there getting paid. Cool.
It will be part time to start with, with a full time option. Once I'm properly trained up and they sort out a few things I'll be going out with the Mobile Vet Van. They spend a few days each week going out to the towns and remote areas mostly on the Navajo and Hopi Reservations doing vaccinations, spays and general pet care. It sounds like hard work but definately interesting and challenging. It will be a great way to see more of the area and I'm looking forward to it.

I don't think I will be able to keep doing at my bar job though. I'll give it another couple of weeks and see how fragged I get. I don't need to work two jobs just to eat, I'd much rather have the time off.

Its been a interesting, life changing year and a positive change. I'm really glad we did this move and I'm very happy. The only obvious downside is being so far away from my family and friends.
I get home sick at the weirdest times and over the oddest things. There are a few clouds at home at the moment and I wish I was back there now to help out, not that I could do much but that doesn't stop me getting sooky.
It helps that Rob's family is here and we are all close, but if they weren't neither would we. That being a large part of moving here, well that and the desire to do something different.

Well, its time to go do some chores, and when I say chores I mean go to the Mall and get my hair coloured.

Peace, Love and Mung beans.