Monday, July 16, 2007


Here is a Horny Lizard....
Because of 'O Brother Where Art Thou'
I will repeat ad nauseum 'Loved up and turned into a Horny Toad', till you beat me with a Gin and Tonic
Don't try and stop me.

Rob took this photo on Saturday while we were on a Mountain Bike ride. They are sooo cute. Flat and round with a grumpy face.

Other news... I started my new job at a new bar. Its good and they have a vague uniform. Even though I have a picture of my arse with the logo across it, I will only send via email...if ya keen.
I try not to give away to much info on where I work and live but any serious stalker wouldn't have a problem.
It a tricky concept these days, talking about what you do but not enough to get axe murdered. Though with a readership of 6 I'm not that worried.
It means I can't work on the house which is a shame because I was enjoying being a Construction Monkey. As Mike said tonite 'You are in demand,Cozalcoatl' true, so true.

I've been offered two other jobs in the last week. One was another pub (which I denied but will remember) and the other (not a pub) won't be till a month or two, which is perfect. Lets me give this place a chance before i think of moving on.

Ohh and its all bollocks