Thursday, August 02, 2007


Back from our speedy, whirlwind trip to California. We went mostly for a wedding and Gran's 92nd birthday.
Rob, Sallie and I flew to Sacramento on Friday, picked up a hire car (PT Cruiser) and drove to Gran's who lives on the Delta about 40 minutes from the airport. We had a loverly visit and stayed overnight. Next day we drove the 4 odd hours to the coast at Monterey, to hand in our hire car, have a English pub meal and wait to be picked up by Laura, Mike and kids. The day was warm and we spent the afternoon on the beach near the wharf. Mid summer and the water was freezing...OMG! it was cold. The kids braved it but I think I lost feeling in my feet for a while there.
Northern California coast, beautiful but not for the weak.
The last time I was at Monterey, way back in '99 we went to the Aquarium, which still impresses me even now. Sadly we didn't have time to go, but I'll be back. You could stand outside and watch the Sea Otters and Seals frolick in the kelp beads just off shore and they had the most amazing JellyFish displays. Like living lava lamps.

Do not be fooled. The water will kill you unless you are under 10 or a dog. Middle of summer beach..pfft
We drove down to Big Sur, and found our accomodation. We were booked into tent cabins, which we discovered when we got there at 9pm and it was cold, we needed to bring bedding. No one knew this as we didn't book them or even think about it. It does make sense in a way but for $60 a night you'd think they could supply bedding.
There was 6 of us, and really no where else to go. Managed to scrounge up 4 sets, so Rob and I spent $100 on sleeping bags and a torch. Was all a bit thingy there for a while but it got sorted and we were warm.
It was a beautiful place right on the river, nestled in the redwoods, man those trees are gimornous.

The wedding was a loverly afternoon surrounded by redwoods and happy people.The father of the groom (this is what I heard) got a right to marry license off the internet which only lasted a week so he could be the mighty marrying dude. It may be on of those 'Only in America' thangs but nfi.

From 6 to 101

The next day we turned around and headed back up to Gran's place near Sacramento for her 92nd birthday. Afternoon was spent lounging in the pool and eating chocolate cake.
Spent the night at the family cabin which is never long enough, then back to Sacramento airport to fly home. Whew!
Note to self- Next time stay longer, bugger Rob's work or my schedule.

Finished reading Harry Potter, managed to escape any spoilers and be pretty happy with it all.

Everybody sparkle