Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Things are still kicking along here. Nothing too exciting but nothing to complain about either.
My new bar job is going well, I also do 'Cocktail', which is a fancy term for 'Waitress'. I made $90 in tips on Saturday cause it was mad busy.
Its a weird thing, the service industry here. I get paid $4/hr, santa vaca, by my employer...and they rely on the customers to pay me the rest. No customers, 2 minutes noodles for dinner. I'm not sure what other business works like that.
In Australia, for the 3 months I worked for the Club, I was being paid $16/hr with no tips. I think the assured wage is better by far, even if it still isn't a huge amount.
But I may be moving on in a month or so to a job with a set wage. But we will see how that works out.

John Elden's grave. The poor 6 year old was shot in 1887 by a Muleskinner, who was being moved on and shot his gun without looking . Mt Elden is in the background. Also in the area is the cleared area where the Elden's lived and a small natural spring which is a nice place to rest while walking the dogs.

I went to volunteer last week at the animal shelter, and a truck driver brought in 13 puppies in two cardboard boxes that he found in a dumpster!!. They were two different litters, one about 8 weeks and the other about 6 weeks of age.
What the hell in wrong with some people?! Ok you don't want the pups and are too dumb to desex your dog, but why wait till the are weaned and leave them to starve. Hessian sack and river as soon as they are born. Horrible and a lot less horrible than chucking them into the bin later.
Anyway, we took them in, checked them over and I got to name them. 5 Aussie beers and 8 Aussie towns.
They are very cute and should have no problems in finding homes in a month or so when they have been vaccinated and spayed.
The new owners will probably change their names when they get adopted but until then we have-

Matilda (after Matilda Bay Brewery, plus its a good Aussie name)


The house is coming along well, I'm not a Construction Monkey anymore due to being a Bar Monkey. We popped in the other day and the second storey is mostly up. We have to start thinking about various options very soon.

Ours will be the one on the left.