Wednesday, August 08, 2007


While on our walk today we managed to spot two Hummingbirds flitting about. The migrate through here every year. I heard them before I saw them. Their wings make a audible metallic trill. They are truely awesome teeny, tiny critters. Its like watching stop motion they way they fly and hover.
Since I have buckleys of ever getting a decent photo here are some types which hang out here in the summer. The ones we saw were greenish, which may make them Broadtailed or Rufus.
Also the Arizona Flickr group I belong to has some great shots.

The Eggs With Eyes have a new home. I've had to keep the hamsters separated into two tanks for a while now since Evil McEvil beats up on the littlest one. We are talking bloody ears and scabs. Not understanding the social dynamics of Dwarf Hamsters its the best I can do. Least the screaming at 3am has stopped which makes life better for all concerned.
The pet shop in the mall was closing down, not sure why since their dog prices only ranged from $1000-$3000!!.... so they had everything cheap except the dogs. So I spent even more money on the evil fur balls and bought them the 'Critter Trail XTREME' and 'Critter Trail ONE' and connected them together. The two who don't try to eat each other are living in xtreme coloured plastic boxs and Fangora is in solitary.

Check out the Xtreme green wheel action. bitchin'. It also serves as a comfy bed and seed stash.

Last week we spent one night at the cabin and spent the morning picking blackberries, playing in the creek, doing some archery and wishing we didn't need to leave. Jamie found and shot this two pronged tailed lizard. Sign of the end times? Maybe.