Saturday, August 25, 2007


Least my new job will be interesting. Yesterday at 9am I was asked if I wanted to go and help pick up 16 puppies from Window Rock.
'Sure' I said...'Where is Window Rock?'
'About 3 hours away in the Navajo Nation'
So off Will and I set. He driving the van full of cages and me napping, reading and watching the scenery.
We have a agreement with the Navajo Nation to help and accept dogs from them.

Why Window Rock is called Window Rock.

Its beautiful country, and anyone who has read any Tony Hillerman will know exactly what its like.
Red earth, blue sky, arroyos cutting through canyons, sage, pine and spruce vying for water and space. Along the highway there a old faded billboards exclaiming 'Genuine Indian Goods' and 'Best Coffee on Route 66', decaying buildings like a old white washed jail and boarded up petrol stations.
And me without my camera.
Truck stops and big flash hotels literally in the middle of nowhere, I couldn't see the point of ever stopping there, drive a other hour and get to a town at least.

I am reading "The Dark Tower" by P.D James. Set in a cold, grim English village and invalid home, where a murder may or may not have happened. Full of petty jealousies and frustrated desires.
I may have been on a different planet from looking out the window.

We got to Window Rock Vet clinic, but they had no puppies since the guy organising it was still out. So we waited, and waited, had Taco Hell for lunch and waited. Watched two cops handcuff and stand over a man (who I think must have been drunk or something) till the ambulance came and took him away. Fast times in Window Rock.
Finally there were puppies, only 9 though. We loaded them up and took off for home.
I sat in the back wedged between cages, filling out paperwork, putting on naming collars, and generally checking them out. All very cute and healthy so I can't imagine any problems with adopting them out.
We now have -

Much more interesting than serving people Iced Tea. Which I have to go do tonight.