Monday, October 08, 2007


Its been a busy, interesting week and looks to continue that way.
Got back from our Utah road trip and been working a whole bunch. The Mobile Vet Van started again this week after a long break because they didn't have a extra Vet to go out. Now we have one its all go. On Tuesday we went to Tuba City, which is the capital of the Navajo Nation. Its a bit over a hour away but runs on day light saving, while the rest of Arizona doesn't. So in order to be there before 8am (their time) we had to leave by 5:30 in the AM (our time)...and didn't get home till 7pm.

I've only done three days so far but its pretty good. Very long days though. The closest site we go to is an hour away and the furthest is 2 and a half hours each way.
There is one vet and three techs, we do de-sexing surgery in the mornings and vaccination clinic in the afternoon.
I never had to think about Rabies so much before. I'm sooo glad Australia does not have it. A Rabies Wombat would be a scary thing.
So for three days every week we go out to a new town, and cycle back through every 6 weeks or so.
I found getting up at 4 am not that bad but its getting cold, there was ice in the dog's water bowl this morning. I'm not looking forward to driving the huge vet Clinic in the snow.

Rob left for Kansas City, Missouri today for a week. He is the Tech Head for a BETA test, so he has been flat out getting ready for that. The week after that he goes to South Carolina. Hope he brings me something pretty....

The sheer amount of Halloween stuff here is boggling. So many costumes, food, decor, bottles of fake blood, gravestones and pumpkins.
I did my bit and bought Darwin a costume. She was not happy despite how much I told her how cute it looked.

Darwin the Bat Eared Bat Dog