Friday, September 07, 2007


I made Lamingtons today.I may have made them before but not really sure, but since I have probably eaten several body weights of them in my life time, I figure I'm qualified. Made it all by hand, I don't think I have folded butter and sugar together since Year 8 Home Ec. I took a couple of photos but Rob commandeered the camera today so they are somewhere on his computer.
The kinda worked, the sponge was way too dense and not really spongey but I did enjoy eating choccy icing off the spoon. There is a work BBQ next weekend. They are supplying the beer and burgers and asking everyone to chip in with nibbles, salads and desserts. I thought I do a test beforehand.
I think they are ok, but for next week I may just use a Angel Food Cake Box cause that looks more spongy.

On our walk today Rob took a bunch of photos as we went and made a short video also posted on ForBattle. Its kinda cute and with lots of photos of my arse, who can complain?

Netflix, what a great idea. Order DVD's of movies and TV shows on the net , they show up with no return deadlines and with at least 14 hours a month computer downloads of various things.
There is the same in Oz I know but we only signed up recently. Seen some good stuff including "Apocalypse Now", "Taxi Driver", "The Last King Of Scotland", "Aeon Flux" ....
Plus I have downloaded straight to computer the odd episode of "Dead Like Me", "Yes, Prime Minister", "Red Dwarf" plus several Dr Who episodes.
Today in the mail I got the first episode of the British version of "Touching Evil" (1997) with Robson Green...what a spunk! He is hawt in "Wire In The Blood" aswell ..5th season soon woot! I saw the more recent American version of "Touching Evil" last year. Plot basically the same but the British version is more understated. Very little is mentioned of the whole bullet to the brain plot device the Yanks really drew on.
Anyway Robson

While cruising through Amazon tonight, putting in an order for Charles Stross, Verner Vinge, Lisa Gerrard (of the awesome Dead Can Dance), she has a few solo CD's so must have and listen. Sanvean, love it ...some days even beats Nick Cave's "The Ship Song" for mostest favouritest song eva.
Found out that Iain M Banks has a new book coming out. With a M so it must be Sci-Fi...yay a new Culture novel- 'Matter'. 'Bout bloody time.
Doh just looked again and it says Feb me all excited now I have to wait...bah.

Oh yeah go see 'Stardust' and 'Day Watch'....