Friday, November 09, 2007

DAY OF TEH some really cool Grand Canyon shots

Last Saturday I went with my loverly in laws to Yoga at the Grand Canyon. They do Yoga in Flag weekly and the instructor does a lesson once a year at the Canyon, which to me seemed pretty cool. I did a 6 week Yoga course about 8 years ago. I can totally understand the health benefits that comes from it but it did bore me stupid after a while.
Plus the whole spiritual side of it I can leave.
But I wanted to go mainly cause its the Canyon (hello one of the most amazing natural sights only 1 and a half hour away), a lunch and a hike and more importantly hanging out with good people.

Anyway it was great fun, I'm not as strong or as flexible as most of the people there but I'm not that bad. My Downward Dog was pretty good..if I do say so myself.

I'm not short..really. It just that I have a Amazon for a Sister In Law

We had a 2 hour class, then lunch then a hike down the South Kaibab Trail. This was the one that Rob and I did in '99. But in that case we walked all the way down and all the way up in 3 days. This day we just did 1.5 miles down to Cedar Ridge then back up...thats still a whole lotta up.

Up the South Kaibab looked easier coming down.

I saw 5 Condors flying and soaring the that was a experience. They are huge and amazing and the fact they are repopulating the area is beautiful.

Condors Soar...

Work has been busy and long but fun. Today I got up at 4am and drove 2 and a half hours to a town which shall remain nameless to protect the innocent.
Except I'm not sure there were many innocent...mostly nice, nicely strange, weird or vaugely unpleasant.

Too much licking of the Monolith, me suspects. Except in "The Tick", it made the townfolks all geniuses and mad, here sadly just the mad bit got licked.
If you haven't read The Tick...go forth...SPOON!!!
(the cartoon version was kinda cute and haven't seen the live action so can't judge..the original comic is a hoot)

We end up parking in all manner of interesting, remote but with a killer view places, today we parked in a huge parking lot serving heaps of businesses. We had Vaccination wars with a rival ( i don't know the full story so don't want to bitch too much except to say white polos with logo and tucked in...out the other side of unsexy and not the good direction), odd but nice customers and a guy from office supply store telling us that next time we should not park there because we were taking up at least 4 parking spots, 4 vital customers spaces!!...OMG!!1!!!!
Being on the job and all professional like I was so god damn polite, and didn't point out that we were at least 60 car spaces away from the shop with only 20 filled with cars, its a free country, actually due to my 3t1te parking skillz I was only taking up 1.3 parking spaces and frankly dude get a life....but he was so earnest and I was working....sigh. I didn't even make a face...well i don't think I did. I like to think my accent crosses all boundries or at least they can't understand me and go away.
I think our rival may have slipped him a twenty to make a complete tool of himself....some people are so cheap ..sigh