Friday, October 26, 2007


Watched 'Gods And Monsters'. ...finally. It was only released in 1998. Ian McKellen, is awesome, of course. Amazing facial and body language..sigh..... uber crush is me.
Brendan Fraser was pretty good too for a young, strong, build, virile guy.

Work has been busy, interesting and long. Managed to drive the Mobile into a ditch while pulling into the carpark and having to get blokes with their monster trucks pull us out while 20 pet owners watched feeling mighty confident of leaving their treasured darlings in our hands.
Its 30+ foot long, horrible visibility and turns like a cow...ok.

There was one guy with a pistol on his hip. Now I feel like I'm in America. There are plenty of signs going into shops saying "Check Your Weapons", but this was the first time I've seen someone packing.

Today was Howl-O- Ween. a fund raiser with stalls, dog costume competition and raffles. I was actually working on it, but it was mostly sitting around taking pictures of the funny looking pooches.

Not a bad way to spend a couple of hours on a Saturday arvo. Darwin hung out with me and managed to keep her Bat hat on for hours and mooch around.