Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Puppies, the big shaggy blonde wolf shepard died in her sleep last night. We saw her on Saturday night tucked into a red wagon because her back legs barely worked. So we all knew the time had come, but it still doesn't stop the sniffles.

Mike and laura had her for over 10 years, they were her 4th owners so the dumb name of "Puppies" stuck.
She was Darwin's new mum. Darwin loved her and would jump all over her and lick her face and mouth like pups do with their mum's hoping for a tasty warm morsel. She tolerated it wonderfully, except toward the end she was getting frail and couldn't really withstand such enthusiasm.

She was one of the prettiest dogs I've ever seen, and very gentle. Other dogs always seemed to lose their aggression around her, whether it was her size or she was one step closer to the wild than they and knew she could fit their head inside her jaws.

I'm glad we got to spent lots of time with her, she had and great life and helped make ours pretty good too.