Wednesday, December 05, 2007


We had the first snow and rain of the season on Saturday. 'Bout time too. The locals were reminiscing about the times they had snow at Halloween. So unless it picks up, it may be a very long dry winter. The last couple of days have been sunny and cloudless, and once in the sun and out of the shade quite warm. There is still snow on the peaks surrounding the town and odd patches in forgotten parts of the woods.
I want it to snow cause its kinda fun and we desperately need the moisture, but I only want it to snow from Thursday night to Monday morn. The other days are one ones I drive the Vet Clinic very early in the morn, and less than keen about the whole skidding on the icy roads, sliding off and flipping over and over and over to my certain doom scenario that plays over and over in my mind.
But I'm sure it would be only one flip over....I'm such a exaggerator.

Woot..birthdays! namely mine, Rob's Laura's and Darwins.....Had a party on Sunday night, which over here was the 2nd but in Oz was the 3rd, so really it was my time of birth, but Monday the 3rd here was aswell. Two Birthdays Brillant!!

A fitting gift for a women in her mature years.