Saturday, December 15, 2007


Thats the name I'm going to call my band. We will have songs about life, love trees, and man's inhumanity to man.
Though the real tear jerker and future winner of the Euro Vision Song Contest will be about the

"bravez et le vétérinaire inlassable qui disemboweled et a enlevé des morceaux de en cuir, bourrage, les soutiens-gorge, les cônes de pin et les paquets de dos du pauvre chien"

Not a dry eye in the house.

The Album Cover

Did a over night trip for work which went quiet well and saved at least 4 hours in travel time.
Monday and Tuesday it snowed like a bastard, a complete snowy bastard. Beautiful but increased my fret levels about driving the beast in those conditions. I'm not by nature a fretful person but as works friends could attest I got all abit fretty. And it didn't help that 15 people had died that week in Kansas due to icy roads. But I'm a brave heart (hah) and decided to try it, though we would stay over night as to save coming back up the hill. As it was the snow abated and by 6am Wednesday the roads were pretty good and no icy slide to dooooooooom occurred.

Inside sleeve

Did find a store selling Tim Tams, though under the lameo name of Arnotts Originals. But still I'm not whinging and just enjoying. My work friends were pretty impressed, got the sweet department sorted just have to work on Vegemite. Taking over the US, one food stuff at a time.
They also had Violet Crumbles, Crunchies, Maltesers and Flakes. No Mint Slices, but I found this site which may help Simply Oz.
Even temtped by the 12 meat pies for $40

Came home to a mangled boot and a sick dog. She tried to throw up a few times and is not eating. Looking at me mournfully now and I see a trip out to work in the near future. Lucky I know a good vet.
Also came home to a Amazon package with a couple of Xmas pressies which will be more New Years pressies by the time I send them and the new Terry Pratchett "Making Money", YAY!. Then is was that Rob informed me that Pratchett just been diagnosed with Alzheimers...nooooooo
That Sucketh Big Time.

Its Rob's birthday today, he has gone skiing with Laura and kids, I was thinking of going to hang out since I can't ski, but was early and I am buggered and a bit flu ridden. Next time I'll go and sit the in Lodge drinking hot toddies and admire the view..

Also Happy Birthday to Pete, Torby, Lou and Mikey.