Sunday, December 09, 2007

We don't have TV so I'm totally out of the American news loop. But this interview hearten me to the state of affairs in this country...kinda. What I do hear is a alot about a bunch of fundies trying to drag us into ignorance and fear. Maybe they aren't quite winning.
Its about how Abstinence Only programs don't work and what a huge waste of money and resourses they are.
Best line from the interview was in response to a mention of a study done by a Abstinence education program which, funnily enough found that it works.
Rachael Maddow: “Whenever I evaluate myself, I turn out to be doing awesome.

Just had my head explode from sugar overload.
Depthcharged a Tim Tam with coffee.
OMG! thats good and bad but ohh so very good. My teeth are hurting.
According to Wiki, its called a Tim Tam Slam.