Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Its 11:54pm December 31st 2007...
and already I've seen the Pine Cone drop. New Years comes early to Flagstaff. But not to the Real World...Happy New Year Aussie Land..like yesterday
I've had wine and a hip flask of Baileys. ...trust me its really bloody cold, hasn't snowed here for a couple of weeks but the wind goes right through you like its is from Hades (as long as Hades is really cold and windy)

some photos from Christmas and tonight....hey a hip flask of Baileys is a beautiful thing

Rob found this Arrowhead in Clay's and Dusty's ranch....the place is a known ancient Indian dwelling ground. We were all very impressed.
No really! Clay talked about the the obsidian flakes he would find in the place. Rob looked down and found a arrowhead...as he does. How beautiful is that.

Then we hooned around in the AVT's....awesome fun, no one flipped it and died or hit a cow.

The Christmas Tree Gatherers

Woo the time i took too type this now its 12:01am 2008..now it 12:11am

Count Down

it now 12:48am....blogging takes its toll...