Saturday, January 12, 2008


Here is a couple of pics of the goodies we bought back from Mexico last weekend. I'm not much of a decorator and thinking of the layout for our house isn't something I've been dwelling on to much. Its a house, build it for us, it will be cool.....omg we have to make choices aswell?!
On thing I've been keen on is funky bathroom sinks, and there are so many to choose from, it hurts the brain. This website for example.

These ones are very pretty and we can say we bought them from the source and alot cheaper than anywhere else I've seen. If and when we move back to Australia, I'm bringing them with me.
Bought 100 tiles for $20, to add colour and accents to the rooms.
We also got a tiled mirror, I may look around for a couple more cause they are pretty awesome.
(even out of focus)

Another new toy is a Ipod Classic 80GB. Been ripping CD's like crazy and still have 64GB free.
I did have to swallow my reluctance to buying a Ipod, because of the whole non replaceable battery issue but I think they are all like that now so here goes ...*swallow*
We were looking at a 30GB Zune for $200 but for $50 extra we could get the tough call really.
I remember back in the wild old days of 2005 I bought a 512MB MP3 player for $130. It's the size of a ciggie lighter and was perfect for my West Indies Turtle poking trip, but my, haven't times, prices and sheer storage capacity changed.

Rob and I were chatting while on our slog through the snow, laughing at the happy, bounding, snow eating dogs thats its been a year since we moved here. We arrived on the 17th January 2007. How completely freaky is that.
A year since we have had a meat pie, a 'cunning' BBQ, thai food on King St, driven on the left side or seen anybody. Its been a great year and we have settled in very well. Though the master plan of transporting Sydney and 100kms west of the Blue Mountains to just outside of Flagstaff is still underway. Then youse lot won't be whinging about the heat, and we can all play Munchkin and have picnics on 1000 yr old Indian ruins.
To celebrate our one year we decided to spend it in a completely different country...make sense to me. We are going to France on Sunday for 3 weeks..woot.
Rented a house and hanging out with a few people in Belves. Should be wonderful.
Shall spend the time consuming cheese, bread and wine. Not much different from normal, except it all shall be with outrageous accents and telling jokes, sotto voce.

'Whats the different between toast and the French?'

"You can make soldiers out of toast"

Au Revoir