Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Been having a great time, the abridged version as opposed to the monster post in my head.

Landing in Sydney 7am- Oh the humidity.....good gawd! Only a year away and it was like breathing through a wet sponge.

Loverly friends keeping us awake with walks along The Rocks- Sydney Harbour: Best View In The Multiverse.

Drinks and Tapas- Meeting WOW friends, drinking waaay too much Sangria. I blame Ana for that Absinthe shot.

Rownay Festival- Beautiful, green, wet and humid. Lots of tavern dwelling and catching up.

Bathurst- My family. Happy Birthday Mum. Cutest, smartest kids eva. Funny little dog. Lots of lazing around, sleeping on the lawn in the sun, games, TV, wine. YAY!

Train back to Sydney today for more hanging aboot.