Friday, May 02, 2008

National Day Of Prey
Today was some day that people needed to pray more than often. Whatever...there has to be more useful things to do with your time....
I prefer sleeping in, sleeping in and tug of war with the dog while sleeping in.
I never would have knew it existed except that Flagstaff had a 24hr bible reading on the steps of the City Hall - full reading no commentary--- so i guess you couldn't chant "What a load of rubbish..", "gag me with a spoon' and "anyone wearing cloth made from more than 2 types is hell bound' and' disobeying children should be killed"
Flagstaff, I love you and your long as the homophobic, misogynistic bigots don't gain hold.
Pharynglra. has some good stuff about it.

Rob and I were stopped by a lady last Saturday evening. We were walking down to the bus stop to get into town. Waiting at a light a woman was asking us whether we were going to church? It took us a second or to to register what she was asking. She wanted to know the direction to the Catholic Church in the area.
"Ummm...well "
"there are about 5 churchs on 4th st but i don't know what they are"
"umm sorry maybe that way"
" ahh ask somebody else"
We were very polite but i have no idea, there are alot of churchs next to each other on our street, what they are I don't know, but they are very close together....i'd be throwing eggs or at least snowballs at the other shootoffs across the carpark, if I believed, (come on.... need to have ya fun)
Pick the two well dressed biggest atheists in town to ask.

I wonder if less people ended up dead, abused, raped and fucked up....

No i don't wonder.
I know not.