Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Things are just moving along here just fine. Every time I think of something to blog, I seem to watch a episode of Law & Order off Netflicks or play WOW instead.

So lets see....

The mobile is now fixed...Yay. Expensive but thanks to a few generous donations from the public which pretty much covered the costs, we can go back on the toad. Next week Show Low, here we come.
Since its been warming up work has been getting a influx of Puppies and Kittens.
Lots of black kitties left....anyone want one or possibly 8?
When they are ready for adoption they all go into the Kitten Room. A big space filled with toys, chairs, climbing posts and hidey holes. Its amazing the Universe does not implode with that much crazy Kitten energy concentrated in one spot. It is a great place to go chill for 10 minutes. Soon as you sit down you are draped over, climbed on and purred at by many, many kittys.
So many Cuteoverload and Cheezburger moments.

On Saturday I had a information booth at the local Dog Show. It was interesting and we got a few donations and I talked about what we do.
Not all of us can be purebreds and the mutts have to come from somewhere.
It was a 'small' show with only 1200 dogs. Many beautiful dogs and a whole lot of ugly ones, they were usually being wheeled around in covered prams so not to scare the children.
The lady who had a booth next to me selling jewellery also shows Basset Hounds
ThunderPaws Follow Your Passion, is her show dog name. She was very a cute dog in that mournful droopy way of Bassets.
I learnt about the categories, the rivalries, the judges biases, the handlers and basic gossip of any competitive organisation.
Considering none of them were desexed, they were all disappointingly well behaved.
You'd think one in heat bitch and there would be canine orgy with Rottweiler/Chinese Crested mixes turning up 9 weeks later.
Women in twin set and pearls and the men in jacket and ties on a warm blustery Flagstaff day strutting their canines, and eyeing off the competition.
"Best In Show" did flash through my mind many a time.

Darwin's show name will be Dame Darwin Galapagos Sphinx Winkle Thunder Ears.

This Friday through to Sunday, I get to go down to Havasupai Canyon with other techs, vets and education folk to help out the local community with their feral dog problem. It won't be easy work but hopefully if we do our best this time we will be invited back in the future. I can't imagine a weekend will make much of a dint in the problem.
Its also a big tourist spot and the photos I've seen of the waterfalls look amazing. It's a 5 hours hike in, which Rob and I will do someday and camp down there. But for this work trip we are being Helicoptered in. Excited...just a tad.
I'll take lots of photos.

House is nearly done...I know I've been saying that for ages, but really it is.
The carpets went in and we got the beds delivered. We have a guest bed so come on down....
Rob needs to buy a decent work area and with a few chairs upstairs we would be right to start living there. The Mexican sinks with the Mexican tile countertops in the bathrooms look awesome.

We did get up a 2am last night to play WOW with the guild and went back to bed at 6:30am after smiting many baddies in a 10 man raid. Monday 7pm Aussie time means crazy arse Monday morning for us, but since I usually don't work Mondays, its not that hard to do. Plus its a chance to catch up and have a good play.