Sunday, June 22, 2008


I really like Bland Canyon
, she sounds like a complete hoot and if she ever comes to AZ, we have a spare room.
That goes for everyone...who isn't a total frootloop
Her Australia Model breakdowns are awesome.
Though even if i still lived in Oz and had a TV I still wouldn't watch the show but her blog about it makes me laugh.
On the latest post had a pic and mention about Marty the Monster Vs a Roo.
I was curious so I Youtubed it.
It must be a Victorian country NSW we had Big Dog ( which I was in a episode cause I designed the BEST ever dog shaped playhouse, Mum may still have the video)

Heh 1987...year of bad hair and less of the suing because a crazed beast beat you down.
Gawd I laughed and did Rob so its not just me...

On another note...
First day of Summer here. Longest day of the year.''
June 21
Solstice...should be dancing nude around trees or something.
Shortest day in Oz....I think of you as the light shines in.
I know i posted some snow pics a couple of weeks ago and said it was Summer...well i was misinformed, by the Newspaper no less. They said Summer, and it was Snowing and I was excited.
A few people tried to defend the AZ Daily by saying "Well its nearly Summer and the School vacation starts soon so yada yada yada"
I hate when I they lie to me in hardcopy.

Flagstaff this weekend is having "Pride In The Pines"..once you have seen the Sydney Gay/Lesbian Mardi Gras it all pales. They have closed off the park and you have to pay to get ,but it seems like a total hoot and the town supports in, its really great to see.
I've been told by many a folk that Flagstaff is the Liberal (not in the Aussie way) enclave part of Az.
Rocked, rocked i say...blinkin lesbian Koalas