Tuesday, September 25, 2007


“We are beginning another cycle of plague-like activity,”

Plague Warning...WHOOP WHOOP ARRWHOOOGA....Do Not Lick Prairie Dogs..You Have Been Warned.

1350 wasn't that great first time around...don't make me go through it all again.

And NO my armpits or groin are not aching...not one bit.

I know its serious...
but its the plague...
The Plague
1/3 of Europe gone in a plague like activity.
The Bubonic Plague.
Its all to weird.
Lucky it's easily cured by antibiotics.
The more I see and write 'plague' the wronger it looks. Like even ickier stuff on your teeth which reaches your groin.

If you haven't already read 'The Doomsday Book' by Connie Willis, then you will understand what I'm going through.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


I moved here excepting all wierd freaky fundie whacky godbothering craziness to ensue. But till now ..nothin' zip. Its like I'm surrounded by normal people and Americans. The tourist brouchure lied.
Very indirect but pure whacky shit. I know a woman who had to give up her beautiful cat because when her landlord saw it on Monday freaked and told her Black Cats are Evil and Satanic. So it was either she move out or the cat. I know what my choice would be via a headbutt and plastering big posters of black cats all through the house on my way out.
Oh and all dogs are Satans sooky lie about the inferno chewing pine cones minions apparently.

PURE EVAL...i tells ya


**actually I'm really, REALLY glad I haven't had to deal with any over the top freak weasels, I wouldn't handle it well.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Yay for visitors. Miss Krin popped in for a day after her big nerd fest down in Phoenix.
Being the established locals that we are, we pondered deeply, deeply on where we could take her to show off our adopted state.
We chose a little spot and had to drive at least an hour and a half to get there. She was kinda impressed.

Didn't get a photo of the skunk. It was large and waddling across the road near our place. Rob wouldn't stop so I could poke it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Ok Dogs Vs Vacuums, hardly a new thing. But its our dog - so is far funnier than anyone elses- and proof that we - well Rob anyway- vacuums. Considering the floor was littered which chewed up pine cones, sticks and the insides of stuffed animals caused by said dog, I was all for covering her in glue and rolling her around to pick up all the crap.
Lucky is has a few endearing qualities.

Friday, September 07, 2007


I made Lamingtons today.I may have made them before but not really sure, but since I have probably eaten several body weights of them in my life time, I figure I'm qualified. Made it all by hand, I don't think I have folded butter and sugar together since Year 8 Home Ec. I took a couple of photos but Rob commandeered the camera today so they are somewhere on his computer.
The kinda worked, the sponge was way too dense and not really spongey but I did enjoy eating choccy icing off the spoon. There is a work BBQ next weekend. They are supplying the beer and burgers and asking everyone to chip in with nibbles, salads and desserts. I thought I do a test beforehand.
I think they are ok, but for next week I may just use a Angel Food Cake Box cause that looks more spongy.

On our walk today Rob took a bunch of photos as we went and made a short video also posted on ForBattle. Its kinda cute and with lots of photos of my arse, who can complain?

Netflix, what a great idea. Order DVD's of movies and TV shows on the net , they show up with no return deadlines and with at least 14 hours a month computer downloads of various things.
There is the same in Oz I know but we only signed up recently. Seen some good stuff including "Apocalypse Now", "Taxi Driver", "The Last King Of Scotland", "Aeon Flux" ....
Plus I have downloaded straight to computer the odd episode of "Dead Like Me", "Yes, Prime Minister", "Red Dwarf" plus several Dr Who episodes.
Today in the mail I got the first episode of the British version of "Touching Evil" (1997) with Robson Green...what a spunk! He is hawt in "Wire In The Blood" aswell ..5th season soon woot! I saw the more recent American version of "Touching Evil" last year. Plot basically the same but the British version is more understated. Very little is mentioned of the whole bullet to the brain plot device the Yanks really drew on.
Anyway Robson Green...hot.

While cruising through Amazon tonight, putting in an order for Charles Stross, Verner Vinge, Lisa Gerrard (of the awesome Dead Can Dance), she has a few solo CD's so must have and listen. Sanvean, love it ...some days even beats Nick Cave's "The Ship Song" for mostest favouritest song eva.
Found out that Iain M Banks has a new book coming out. With a M so it must be Sci-Fi...yay a new Culture novel- 'Matter'. 'Bout bloody time.
Doh just looked again and it says Feb 2008...got me all excited now I have to wait...bah.

Oh yeah go see 'Stardust' and 'Day Watch'....

Sunday, September 02, 2007


Popped over to the Coconino County Fair today. Ready to take my fill of Fairy Floss, Fried Bread and Pig judging.
Geese Wrangling

We saw calf roping, demolition derby, a giant rabbit which had its own chin fat pillow, freakish earless goats (there must be a reason to cut the ears off goats, maybe they get flyblown), border collies herding geese, small children dressed as Aztecs, and other typical county fair fare.

My new Rowany Festival costume. yes?

Not a showbag to be seen. It must be a Australian thing, but they did have toffee apples bigger than my head.
Judging sheep butts
A example of how easily amused we are.
While wandering through the cut flower entrants, admiring the pretties. We noticed of the 60 or so displays, 55 of them had award ribbons of various sorts. The lonely 5 had terse penciled notes on their cards. "Wrong Species", "Too many Stalks", "Not Enough Stalks". Heh.
I then had to have a ad lib chat with a lady about Lambs Tongues to cover my gentle mocking.
I think it worked.

On a totally different note. A couple of months ago I entered a online puzzle put on by Court TV. Over the course of a week we had to watch videos, do puzzles to work out who, why and how a scientist was kidnapped (it was his boss, of course because he threatened to expose shoddy research). The prize was $25 000. Well me and 6000 other people solved it and yesterday my check arrived. Woot! $ 4.16 is my share, though I promised to share with Rob because he helped a lot.