Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Your Score: Mr. Bennet

You scored 54 Idealism, 45 Nonconformity, 50 Nerdiness

Are you on the list?

Congratulations, you're Mr. Bennet! You are one mysterious person with mysterious motives. Despite all the mystery, it's clear that you believe what you do is for the greater good, and you are obviously a well-educated person in your field.

Your best quality: Dedication to your work/organization/etc.
Your worst quality: Keeping too many secrets

Link: The Heroes Personality Test
Unless you call shooting people with special powers a special power.

Ehh... lets pretend I took it again and got-

"My only concern is should I hide my true identity? A costume maybe?"

Monday, May 28, 2007

Though I'm sure it never left.

Tomorrow the 28th May is Memorial Day, basically ANZAC Day. Public holiday, flag waving, parades and more importantly remembering the fallen which is even more relevant here with over 100 US soldiers dying just this month.

Its also the grand opening of The Creation 'Museum' in Kentucky. It was built by the Answers In Genesis frootloops, fronted by Ken Ham (who is a Aussie..oh the shame).
While some newspapers have been wishy washy about this load of bollocks, the blogosphere has waded in and pulled no monkey punches.
Pharyngula has put together a long list of interesting links and stories about this waste of space, and I'm on the same continent..arrrggghhh why couldn't Rob have been Swedish?

This and This I found from Orac....It answers so many questions. Funny and makes about as much sense.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007


After our Startrek adventures, we walked back to our Clown Overlords, for a nap and a Margarita.
Lick the Dragon for Luck. Ye Olde Dragon Shoppe, Excalibur.

The thing about casinos is that they are very cunningly designed. Finding your way in is a piece of cake, finding the exit again is another story. A shift in the SpaceTime Continuum occurs and where you thought the exit was, now is a brick wall or a man selling lucky Monkey's feet.

Parasols at Wynn

After a successful outbound navigation, we went to Wynn, which is one of the more beautiful casinos. Its hard to complete with the sheer size and scope of Luxor and Caesars Palace but it was really well done. Tree arbors, mosaics, waterfalls, light shows and parasols all came together with awesome results.


This is where Spamalot was playing. It was very very funny and well done. Following the basic story line from 'The Holy Grail' with splashes of sheer Vegas thrown in.
King Arthur is played by John O'Hurley who I actually recognised. I've only seen about 8 episodes of 'Seinfeld' by a couple of them must have had the character J. Peterman in them. The whole cast was wonderful and the Rabbit perfect with great, big gnashing teeth.

Brave, brave Sir Robin

The next day after a sufficient sleep in we drove to The Gun Shop, and killed paper targets. I choose the biggest one there, just cause it was the biggest one and looked like it could teach any pesky Aliens a thing or two.

It was a FN F2000
The Belgiums must have a bigger Alien problem than I first thought.
I showed the target what for, and wasn't a bad shot. It had a definate kick to the left which showed in the grouping.
I could have spent a lot of money trying different types but restrained myself.

Me and BFG

Rob wanted to try a handgun so got a 40 calibur Glock, which he showed off his l33t skillz learnt from da hood.
The ammo was lead free for our safety, whew.

Rob and Glock

Our last night was to see Cirque Du Soleil 'O', has the stage with a pool underneath which moves and changes so each section. Didn't seem as hardcore physical as the others I've seen but was sheer beauty with the flawless merging of water and land.


I think three days in Vegas is more than enough. After the shows if you don't gamble them it does get tiring.
Just the way I like 'em. 18ft tall and nekked. Caesars Palace

I put $5 through a 'Terminator' machine which didn't last long. We were thinking of finding a cheap 'Craps' table and having a whirl but never did. I think we broke a few cardinal rules of Vegas, one being gamble, gamble gamble and another is to buy a huge yard glass filled with frozen Margarita. Wonder if we will ever be allowed back in.

Terminator ate my money.

About 30 miles from Vegas on the border of Nevada and Arizona is Hoover Dam. You have to pull off the road 10 miles out and slowly drive by a cop who quickly checks you don't have a car load of explosives to blow up the dam.
You slowly wend your down the road and across the dam wall itself. Its pretty impressive and despite all the water its a desolate place.

They are building a huge overpass which will speed everyone up and avoid the dam all together. The construction work is massive and it will be ginormous when its finished.

Hoover Dam. You drive along the wall and back left is the huge overpass pylons.

So that was our short break to the Crazy Place, and we didn't even get married by a Borg....tsk.

Guardians of Hoover Dam


Sunday, May 20, 2007


Hmmm strange. On the Edit page there is 3 comment links. I clicked on them, they show up but they are not in the main blog comments. From Ampersand Duck, Rob and Anon. Have no idea why and how to fix it.

Tagging Flickr photos 'startrek' is the way to go it seems. I have between 30 and 80 views on some of them and I only put them up last night. Nerds abungo.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Las Vegas

"The Circus-Circus is what the whole hep world would be doing Saturday night if the Nazis had won the war. This is the sixth Reich. The ground floor is full of gambling tables, like all the other casinos . . . but the place is about four stories high, in the style of a circus tent, and all manner of strange County-Fair/Polish Carnival madness is going on up in this space."
Hunter S Thompson

Never a truer word...
We stayed at Circus Circus. Its not for the clown fearful. I had to talk myself down after a few run ins.

The Vegas the tourists go and see to is a strange and trippy place.
It's like your Fairy Godmother on PCP.Will make all your dreams come true but will probably break your knee caps in the process.
Three days seemed to be the threshold before the neon eats your brain.

The Plan!, the Plan! worked out perfectly.
Arrived Tuesday afternoon, and stood in line to check in at Circus Circus for 20 minutes. It was like a airport with rope gates, luggage and the waiting. We are used to Hostels or campgrounds so staying somewhere vaguely fancy was a change. It was only $60 a night mid week, so hardly high rollers. Hotel prices triple plus on weekends, its a huge change from day to day.

TIP DU JOUR-Never stay in Vegas on a weekend unless you are cashed up or have a Sugar Daddy or are a Sugar Daddy.
I saw guys in the nightclubs who were dressed like hobo's or so uber rich they didn't care, its hard to tell at a certain point, though $20 drinks and fawning hot chicks probably give it away.

Penn and Rob..Penn loved the Tshirt

We walked and walked and walked from CC to Rio....a few K's at least, but the cocktail afterwards was worth it.
Penn and Teller were great. I love them because of Bullshit, pull no punches debunking, but Rob knew them first as Magicians on TV as a American kid. They were fun, showed how a few tricks were done, wowed us with a few which they didn't, showed us how so called psychics are fuckheads with some great cold/hot reading of the audience. Penn had a great rant against them, which was very Bullshit..Yay!
One of the tricks was the whole ball and cup thing, first with red cups then with see through ones, I still couldn't keep up with them even with them showing us, though with Penn talking through it all its a great distraction.

Me and Teller

I spoke to and heard Teller speak..I'm not a person who hassles my idols but they were there so I waited to get a photo. He has a very mild accent, maybe East coast??..ehh. But soft and gentle.
I read that Teller stopped speaking in his magical routines cause people paid more attention to him, if he just did magic without the blurb.
He and Penn are a perfect match.
The last trick was the 'Magic Bullet', (which i haven't Googled yet to find out how its done) Two guns, two gun savvy audience members to inspect and mark the casing and the bullet of both bullets. Then they stood on opposite end of the stage behind a pane of glass and shot the guns.
The bullet of the opposite guy ended up in their teeth and the marked casing in the original gun and a bullet hole hole through the glass. Very cool and you know slight of hand was involved but how ...NFI!
I love magic tricks even the 'easiest' ones still impress me no end.

It was hot, at least high 30C during the day and still really warm at night. The two coats I bought were totally useless. Bloody desert.

Wednesday we slept in.
Then wandered down to the Hilton, to mindmeld with the StarTrek Experience.
Ok I'm giving more money to Paris, but I figure once she is in jail she may need the extra chocolate and ciggies rations. My heart is with a really really really rich, multiple drunk driver, people cut her some slack..jeez.

Romulan Ale....Not Bad

'StarTrek The Experience' rocked and I shall hear no mocking, just jealously and ...hmmm more jealously.
Lunch at Quarks was yummy. Good food, and very tempted to get the 'Warp Core Breach', 10 shots of goodness. They recommend sharing Rob (joke) wasn't keen for a lunch time drink. So I got a Romulan Ale (is it legal yet?) It was green and kinda beer like. You can buy cases of it, which I thought was uber cool. Party my place...

Some Spaceship....

The rides were really good. Got to run through corridors to shuttles to be taken to safety....or not. The Borg one was 4D, wore 3D glasses, water and air into your face and the seat poked your back, everyone jumped big time. You wanted to reached out and touch the Borgys but they weren't there.
The Klingon one was belt in and the shuttle moves with windscreen/ceiling image, like the old show rides. This one was great, jerky and woooggly and thank gawd we dodged the Klingons and brought us safe home.


Spamalot, BFG's and huge naked guys coming soon.
stay tuned


Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Got a email today saying that our Penn and Teller show was canceled...noooo, much wailing and gnashing of teeth.
Rob rang them up, and the reason is they are out of town most of next week....yeah thanks guys, just your biggest fans from all the way from Australia...pfft. But they were on the night before
Anyway after ringing the hotel and Cirque Du Soleil to try and rebook and reshuffle decided it was easier just to go for a extra night...feel my pain.
But what to do for that extra night??? I heard Vegas is pretty slow on a Wednesday night....

Well I decided on American Storm, but then got in a total patriotic fever over Thunder From Down Under. Rob was quite welcome to catch Comedy Pet Theatre or CarrotTop if he so wished.
Rob quietly mentioned that we could do that cutsey couple thang and do something together again.

Some of the choices-

Tournament of Kings, it has a medjeval hoot written all over it. Part of the review

"Dinner is served as the show begins - an appetizer of "dragon's blood" (tomato soup) is followed by a Cornish hen, twice-baked potatoes, broccoli, a roll, soda and dessert. Keeping with the show's medieval theme, no utensils of any kind are given.'
Sounds like Festival.

MMMM nude Cirque Du Soleil

This nearly won. It does look cool but mainly cause I heart Tobias

After much adult discussion and thought we choose the best one for us both, with only a wee bout of pouts...Thunder From Down Under....

Monty Python's Spamalot,
the musical version of "The Holy Grail". Looks pretty funny and finishes just in time for American Storm.
Next time my pretties, next time.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

These are all hand made from the Puebla region. They are beautiful and very glinty in the sun.


May the 5th, the day when in 1852 in the Battle of Puebla the Mexican forces kicked the French, ....which really how hard would that be?...anyhoo its now a great excuse for floats, fetes, drinking and wearing somberos.

The Second Chance Shelter hosted a Adopt-a-thon in downtown Flagstaff, with various other reasonably sane animal welfare groups, with stalls, information and beasties to take home.
I went down in the morning to help out on the vet side, mainly just doing paper work, holding animals for vaccinations and microchipping. It had snowed the night before, and the day was windy with patches of warm sun. It was all going well, lots of people and interest. Rob had turned up with Darwin who was a little freaked out by all the dogs and people and was recognised by the Second Chance folk. Lots of butt sniffing.

Darwin meeting and greeting.

Then by 1130am it was snowing, alot! So there was much rush to cover the cages and put the little ones in the mobile vet clinic where it was warmer. The good thing about snow over rain is that you can still walk around in the snow for a while without getting too wet or uncomfortable. It didn't chase everyone away straight away but it did slow things down and probably killed it early. Such a shame cause they put so much time and effort into it, but the weather will win everytime.
Rob and I left just after 12 and went for a warming lunch. I was rostered on till 12 and it was slow so i didn't feel bad about leaving.

Second Chance Stall, with adoptable dogs and cats. Just before the snow.
The Weiner Dog was not up for adoption.

The kids were involved in a parade and dancing. We weren't sure if we had missed the dancing so we headed down to the park, and 'lo they were just starting.
They are involved in a Mexican Dance Troupe and looked great in all the costumes. Jamie danced in 5 and Sam 2 (i think), thats a lot of changes and Laura was busy in the back whipping clothes on and off.
Veracruz dance with scary big headed dude.

I put a bunch up on Flickr and really need to get the names and regions of the actual dances from Laura. I tried not to name them Dance 1- Dance 28. So hopefully I can add more description soon.
( NB-Just looked on Mariachi site, getting the names from the costumes. Hopefully thats right.)

Jamie, The Mariachi surrounded by Sequined Pueblas.

The costumes are amazing and beautiful and come from all over Mexico. It was deemed to cold for the kids to dance the Azteca one which was a shame cause the costume rocked. I want one for myself.
The ones that aren't hand made are ordered from MariachiConnection, for all your Mexican costume needs.
I recommend Funnel Cake, warm crunchy dough covered with icing sugar....Yum.

Sam, The Tall One- in her beautiful Chiapas dress.

After all that excitement we had a family dinner, Margaritas and played Franks Zoo.


Friday, May 04, 2007


EXHIBIT A- Chewed and clawed wall

EXHIBIT B- Unrepentant brat.

Caught red handed aswell m'lord.

Case closed, sentenced to a life of free meals and lolling about.


Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Went and saw 'Hot Fuzz' tonight, by the same guys who did the great zmobie flick "Shaun Of The Dead".
It was a hoot, mild English village meets "Point Break/Die Hard". More cliques you could poke a stick at, lots of blood, guns, a bit of ketchup and nearly every English actor alive on board.

The one who I couldn't conjure a name up for until the credits was Edward Woodward. Ahh I remember having a big crush on the Breaker and The Equalizer and its good to know he is still kicking.