Sunday, April 27, 2008

Woot! Got tickets to 'The Cowboy Junkies' at The Orpheum, Flagstaff. for May 29th.
Rob introduced me to this band when we first started dating, only a mere 13 years ago.
Love them.


Sweet Jane

Listen up...Nick, Leonard and The Mountain Goats... tour here Stat, the venue is all Art Deco/Cowboy. Room to drink, room to sit, room to dance.

Friday, April 25, 2008


The first two were in Southern Arizona...a longish way from me. If I get Rabies you will be the first to know.

"If it's staggering and maybe having trouble walking, looking a little bit drunk or like there's something wrong with it. If it has crusty, unhealthy looking eyes and it looks like it's very confused."

Thompson took out his geologist's hammer and killed the animal."It's very sad," Thompson said. "This poor kitty cat was deranged by its disease-riddled brain. I love the native cats. It was terrible to have to kill it.

A 12 year old boy was sitting around a campfire with his family when the rabid bobcat snuck up and bit him on the bottom.
At Peppersauce Campground, the rabid bobcat was killed after it attacked a pickup truck.

A 62-year-old Vietnam veteran said he was acting on instinct when he strangled a rabid 25-pound bobcat that attacked him on the back porch of his Florida home.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

which have caught my eye.

Icanhascheezeburger - who doesn't love cats spelling badly? Well, Rob on occasion whines about it but I have witnessed a grin on his lips.

FAIL -Two of my favourites here and here

Passiveaggressivenotes- We have all seen them, maybe even written a few.

Basic Instructions- Pretty much my template

Dramatic Prairie Dog and Dramatic Lemur -Yes I know they are old and every one in the universe has seen but still funny.

While hanging out at Kate's place we got to see a few new shows.

My favourite by far is Green Wing, a British comedy set in a hospital. It's sooo wrong its right. I haven't seen every episode yet but am on a mission.

Summer Heights High, a Australian comedy was fairly painful to watch but was clever and well done, even though it made both Mum and Rob leave the room after a while. Not sure if I'll bother watching many more but I'm glad Aussie comedy is doing some interesting stuff, and I'm so very glad I'm not in school anymore.

Both are not for the easily offended.

Watched a couple of Torchwood's. Its such a shame because I want to like it but its just not that good. I was soo excited when it first came out but after a few episodes it left me a bit cold. I love Capt Jack, and he is way better in Dr Who. I wish he stayed there.
We did watch the one where he and James Marsters aka Spike from Buffy, have a few good punch ups followed by a few good snogs, so that was ok.

The Sarah Jane Smith Adventures is another Dr Who spinoff aimed at a younger crowd than Torchwood, a few less Cyber Alien sex slaves involved. It seemed pretty cute and Sarah Jane is kick arse and looking great. Can finally forgive her for the Andy Pandy suit.
K9 is orbiting a blackhole or something....I heart k9.

Now we are back home need to catch up on new Battlestar's and Dexter. I also found out about 'Prayer Of The Bone', a Tony Hill/Wire In The Blood special set in Texas. Must track down.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Whew, what a wonderful trip. We caught up with nearly everybody and had a great fun.

It wasn't till the last week were we would look at each other and go...
'Ya know. Part of me is looking forward to going home..."
When I'm here in the States I still call Australia home (though with less ruffles and dancing), but I caught myself calling Flagstaff home when I was there.
As much as I love travelling knowing you can get back and just chill for a bit makes it even exciting. Having something good to come back to is important, family, job and dog are all positives in our life here.
By the end even though it was hard to leave we were feeling a bit " ... thin. Sort of stretched, like... butter scraped over too much bread"
Sometimes its tiring having too much fun.

So thanks to everyone who looked after us.
Megge and Snerg- for your house, kangeroo sauages, and great company
Lou- for driving us around, feeding us and great company
DV and Nw- feeding us, keeping us awake, Munchkin and great company
Kate, Mum and Co- all round wonderfullness, excellent desserts, looking after Rob with his sore back, great company and not making me cry too much when I had to leave.
Dad and Co- for great company, organising a great family get together BBQ, seeing my Nana, cousins and 2nd cousins, Aunts and Uncles after so long.
The Melbourne WOW guildes- Getting 10 people in the same house to meet us and smite Gruul.
Was a complete awesome nerd fest. Great company and good to put faces to Trolls, Orcs etc.
Spyder,AJ, Gordo and Dawn- great company, feeding us and putting up for our last night in Oz.

Plus everyone else who came out for drinks, dinner, lunch, general hanging aboot and laughs.
Knowing we have so many wonderful people in our lives, makes me go all thing.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Been having a great time, the abridged version as opposed to the monster post in my head.

Landing in Sydney 7am- Oh the humidity.....good gawd! Only a year away and it was like breathing through a wet sponge.

Loverly friends keeping us awake with walks along The Rocks- Sydney Harbour: Best View In The Multiverse.

Drinks and Tapas- Meeting WOW friends, drinking waaay too much Sangria. I blame Ana for that Absinthe shot.

Rownay Festival- Beautiful, green, wet and humid. Lots of tavern dwelling and catching up.

Bathurst- My family. Happy Birthday Mum. Cutest, smartest kids eva. Funny little dog. Lots of lazing around, sleeping on the lawn in the sun, games, TV, wine. YAY!

Train back to Sydney today for more hanging aboot.