Sunday, March 16, 2008


Drive On The Left
Drive On The Left
Morning Tea
Afternoon Tea
Drive On The Left
Catching Trains
Normal accent
Drive On The Left

Monday, March 10, 2008

or what I did on my holidays

It still feels like I'm holiday. Even though I'm working harder and longer than I ever have, but really enjoying it.
I guess my lifestyle is pretty sweet. Working 40 hours a week but over 4 days so I have at least 3 days off a week. Great bushwalking across the road, a funny snorgling dog, a uber cute husband, a new house with awesome knobs and no real worries.
Typing at the moment isn't easy. Went snowboarding on Friday and took another lesson. I have the whole heel edges down but the toe side still eludes me. We went up the Sunset Trail which is way steeper, which wasn't a problem once I was on it. I was motoring down pretty well. My doomy, downfall was trying to deal with a harder slope and learn toe sides at the same time. Anyway I came a cropper and badly sprained my right wrist....bloody ouch. I can move my fingers and can't hold anything that weights anything, and getting dressed is a mission.
I was having sooo much fun as well, I taught myself to do donuts and mostly recover. Oh well another 3leet3 sports injury to add to my list.

Less typing more pictures.

We spent 3 day with Taipei, Taiwan on the way over.It was the only flight we could get and I'm glad we stopped off. It was pretty cool.


Flagstaff- settling in

We had only been in the country a month and already had bought 3 Dwarf Hamsters and one fuzzy Rez dog. Darwin, definately has been a wonderful addition in our lives. She loves us and we love her, and she hasn't chewed up anything precious for ages now.
I started volunteer work at the shelter and paid work at a pub. Rob started his sweet contact working from home for the same Aussie company.

New Puppy

Wupakti - still one of my favourite places.

Sedona- beautiful hikes and crystal suckers, together at last

March 2007

March saw us going for long walks with the hounds, working, hanging out. We went to CA to the family cabin over Spring Break. It is such a glorious place.

California Dreaming

Ok, my wrist is hurting. April and beyond next time.

Monday, March 03, 2008


Yesterday we went and did housey things. There were a few things we needed to get sorted out before we leave for Australia, which is only 2 weeks away. YAY!
Don't forget to email us to organise catch up times. Hopefully we will have phones as well.

We went and picked paint. Each wall in the main rooms- lounge and 3 bed/geek rooms are having a different feature wall. The lounge room upstairs will be blue, our bedroom will be a rich red and the other 2 spare rooms will be dark green and a purple.
The kitchen and lounge room is one big space, and we are doing Colbolt Blue splash back tile in the kitchen so the blue wall should look good.

We went to a lighting shop and saw want we don't want, though Rob is leaning towards the $2000 Elk antler candelabra. So many choices, most of them ugly.
The flooring shop had some cool stuff including the really expensive dark blue with stars carpet. We need to find out how big the bedroom is, and see if we can barely afford it.
Wanting to go with hand scraped wood flooring in the lounge room. Its more expensive cause it looks beat up, but there a few websites have have sales on at the moment so we will probably splash out, if not then the new and shiny but cheaper wood floor will probably get beat up with us living in it anyway.
We popped into Home Depot, and they had some lights we liked. I like the track lighting but not sure if it would work on a vaulted ceiling.
We also checked kitchen cabinet knobs, and of course since with are that refined, posh folk we both really liked the most expensive knob in the store. Special order at only $17.43 a knob.
I looked online and on Ebay the same knob but in red and green are selling for $3 each, but they don't have the blue....damnit! The next cheapest is $13.
I looked at so many knob would be amazed how many there are. There are some really cool designs and not so crazy priced, but i likes them, i wants them

We need to find out how many knobs we need.
They would totally connect loungeroom and kitchen together. These things are important I tell you.

Its a fun process and made even easier with Mike narrowing the choices for us. Having to do this from scratch would be madding so with a few simple guidelines we can still have a say in what the house will look like without the endless searching and hair pulling. Brilliant.

Sometimes its hard to visualize what it will all look like at the end. Hopefully it will rock and not look like a complete hodge podge.

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