Monday, December 26, 2011


Thanks Amanda for live Tweeting Christmas Day. Made me happy and homesick.
The videos are wonderful and I cry every time.

Thanks Rob for getting me the CDC's Zombie shirt. Mucho awesome.

About to drive him to the airport. He is off the CA for 2 days. To visit his Grandma and a whirlwind visit to the cabin in Volcano. Me and the beasties will hang aboot here.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Santa Skully wishes a wonderful Christmas and new year and beyond


My birthday passed and was good. 39 and still kicking. Went to dinner,with Rob, Mike and Laura, it was their 17th wedding anniversary the same day so was fitting to celebrate together. The night was bitterly cold...bitterly I tell you, god damn cold. Food, drink and company all above par so who minds the freezing the nads off, if I had them they would be frozen.

Presents from my wonderful sisters. 'Have you Tribble spayed or neutered' t shirt. Giant Koala, dog toy Playpus- which Darwin loves! Thank you all.
Darwin loves the Platyus, for the most emo neurotic dog. When you come home she grabs it wiggles and teases through out the house, you have to play to try and grab it, when you do you throw it, she fetches back twice then gets bored. The wiggly excitement is worth it.

Crossfit is doing well, though I have lasped a bit since the nutritional challenge ended. Getting stronger though. Back squatting 115lb this month, last month I could only do 105lb. Doesn't sound like much but I'm happy.

Finished my classes, pretty sure I got an A in Cultural Anthropology. We had 4 exams, I don't know the result of the last one but on the other 3 I got 96, 100 and 102. I was worried that she just marked easy but people almost failed so ..yes I understand all the world's cultures now, totally! and I must say it kinda makes me sad how horrible we are to each other across the board. Monkeys with shoes.
Ceramics 1 was so much fun I'm taking it again next semester along with Spanish. Want to do Pysical Anthro as well...time and work wise two classes works so I think I'll take that one in the 'Fall' as we call it in these parts.

My coil pot- the tall one which totally became something else that planned ( having 6 inches cut off cause it got too weak to support itself almost made me cry) and my wheel bowls. Technique is not a natural thing to me so that's why I'm taking the same class.

Rob's birthday was a couple of days ago. On Monday I was in my last Ceramics class and a couple of friends mentioned baking cakes for birthdays....omg baking! cakes! ya know it never occurred to me to bake a birthday cake for Rob. I don't bake much, except for a roasty now and then...mmm roasty. So then I got all excited and went to the local crafty do all shoppe Michaels, that shop has so much stuff. In the event of a zombie invasion and Super Walmart was out of my reach then Michaels with its wreaths, scrapbooking and hard core bead section is my next choice to fashion a gnarly zmobie smiting weapon from. Its cake decorating section alone is enough to give the brainz eating dead a pause. I was there for quite some time pacing back and forth trying to work out what the hell I needed to decorate a cupcake with. In the end I chose some coloured sheets that you can cut out made from stuff that is 'edible', pens with 'edible' ink that you can draw on icing with, 'edible' gel icing and' inedible' candles.
The chocolate cupcakes were from a box, which handily gives you high altitude baking tips, more water and add some flour. The icing was coco, milk and icing sugar for the choocy ones and lemon juice with icing sugar for the non choccy icing, all eyeballed and well tasted. I have not had so much sugar in such a small time frame in months... I got a slight buzz, but I had to keep checking the lemon juice was just right.

Rob turned 42 so in the spirit of the day the theme was non-debatable.
(next year 43 pfft means nothing, no cupcakes for youuu)

I spent a happy afternoon decorating, looking up Vogon poetry and what the two versions of Marvin looked like.

Christmas is nigh, and despite what the Fox fundies want the rest of America (the world is not important) that us atheists love the Christmas, there is no war, get over yourselves really...its embarrassing. This song makes me crazy homesick and Tim Minchin pretty much mirrors my thoughts except he does it in clever song form.

This is Roo who so proudly brought this yellow 'pastry' thing home. She was all proud to present it us like we wanted the disgusting thing. It had holes on the bottom where the contrail mind control ickor is pumped in. For an being who will happily eat shit, she seems most discerning.