Monday, March 19, 2012


It's been 2 months since I posted...I keep thinking of things then never doing anything about it. I think Facebook replaces some of this, doing little updates there seems to do the job. I do like my little blog though so I will try and be more regular.

This morning's blizzard

One of the reasons I haven't in the last month or so was that a friend back in Australia died suddenly and I wasn't sure what to say.
Wee Jamie, he was big, loud, generous and funny. A great cook and mixed a mean cocktail. He made the Tavern at Festival a better, rowdier place and sometimes completely crazy. He will be missed and always loved.

This winter has been very dry, hardly any snow at all and none on the ground for weeks. On Wednesday I was standing outside in a tshirt and comfortable. This weekend a huge storm has rolled in and it looks like we will get a couple of feet at least. Everyone was geared up for Spring and now we have to dig our snow stuff back out.
The new foster pups are not sure about the whole thing, but the big dogs love it.

Car retreat

Had a week off classes for Spring Break and I'm guessing the Uni and College will be closed tomorrow- Monday due to the snow. Dang it I want to go back. I know some people who are doing blah classes like Chemistry and Math are stoked, but I'm doing Ceramics (again) and Spanish.
I have things to make and glaze! I have being bringing home clay and making things, having a great time. I've made a bunch of beaker style mugs, using wine bottles as a form to wrap the clay slab around. Wait till they harden up then carve designs into them. I'm having a fun time doing this and want to get them to class so I can fire and glaze them.
Probably will avoid driving too much for the next day or so, and I still have clay, so there is always more beakers to make.

Beaker mania

Rob and I signed up to do a 5km obstacle course race with Zombies. It's called Run For Your Lives and I'm excited. It's not till October and so we have time to train. Rob really wanted to be a zombie but they were all taken. Maybe next time we will sign up earlier and do the zombie thing. Fun, fun, fun!
Also excited about our summer holiday. Spain for about 10 days and hanging out with Rob's family, then we head off to Norway and Sweden for some hiking and viking. It's going to be awesome!!

Every thing else is doing well. Pottering along, only working part time which is suiting me just fine for the time being. Overall not too bad. Happy and healthy.