Wednesday, December 19, 2007


You wake up at 4am listening to Rob who is still up and playing on the computer. You know its not World Of Warcraft because of the timing, rhythm and amount of mouse clicking going on.
Lie there for far too long trying to work out what it is...Minesweeper?...maybe.
No, a new cheap game bought the week before 'Disciples Gold 2'.

Anyway off to do the Daily Cooking Quest....need my crate of meat.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Thats the name I'm going to call my band. We will have songs about life, love trees, and man's inhumanity to man.
Though the real tear jerker and future winner of the Euro Vision Song Contest will be about the

"bravez et le vétérinaire inlassable qui disemboweled et a enlevé des morceaux de en cuir, bourrage, les soutiens-gorge, les cônes de pin et les paquets de dos du pauvre chien"

Not a dry eye in the house.

The Album Cover

Did a over night trip for work which went quiet well and saved at least 4 hours in travel time.
Monday and Tuesday it snowed like a bastard, a complete snowy bastard. Beautiful but increased my fret levels about driving the beast in those conditions. I'm not by nature a fretful person but as works friends could attest I got all abit fretty. And it didn't help that 15 people had died that week in Kansas due to icy roads. But I'm a brave heart (hah) and decided to try it, though we would stay over night as to save coming back up the hill. As it was the snow abated and by 6am Wednesday the roads were pretty good and no icy slide to dooooooooom occurred.

Inside sleeve

Did find a store selling Tim Tams, though under the lameo name of Arnotts Originals. But still I'm not whinging and just enjoying. My work friends were pretty impressed, got the sweet department sorted just have to work on Vegemite. Taking over the US, one food stuff at a time.
They also had Violet Crumbles, Crunchies, Maltesers and Flakes. No Mint Slices, but I found this site which may help Simply Oz.
Even temtped by the 12 meat pies for $40

Came home to a mangled boot and a sick dog. She tried to throw up a few times and is not eating. Looking at me mournfully now and I see a trip out to work in the near future. Lucky I know a good vet.
Also came home to a Amazon package with a couple of Xmas pressies which will be more New Years pressies by the time I send them and the new Terry Pratchett "Making Money", YAY!. Then is was that Rob informed me that Pratchett just been diagnosed with Alzheimers...nooooooo
That Sucketh Big Time.

Its Rob's birthday today, he has gone skiing with Laura and kids, I was thinking of going to hang out since I can't ski, but was early and I am buggered and a bit flu ridden. Next time I'll go and sit the in Lodge drinking hot toddies and admire the view..

Also Happy Birthday to Pete, Torby, Lou and Mikey.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

We don't have TV so I'm totally out of the American news loop. But this interview hearten me to the state of affairs in this country...kinda. What I do hear is a alot about a bunch of fundies trying to drag us into ignorance and fear. Maybe they aren't quite winning.
Its about how Abstinence Only programs don't work and what a huge waste of money and resourses they are.
Best line from the interview was in response to a mention of a study done by a Abstinence education program which, funnily enough found that it works.
Rachael Maddow: “Whenever I evaluate myself, I turn out to be doing awesome.

Just had my head explode from sugar overload.
Depthcharged a Tim Tam with coffee.
OMG! thats good and bad but ohh so very good. My teeth are hurting.
According to Wiki, its called a Tim Tam Slam.

Friday, December 07, 2007

17 HOUR DAY AND I'M OK.....not sure about the profits.

First off, big thanks to Mum for the birthday pressies, love them. A 1972 Aussie animal calender tea towel, showing my age but I love those, awesome knitted scarfs and few trinkets and *drum roll please* Tim Tams and Mint Slices....thank you thank you thankyou!!

I've been talking these up big time to my US colleagues, but since they are like gold, I'll will need a few more packets before I can safely let them leave the house and share their choccy divinenessess.
Will accept any and all contributions.

Today was a funny day if you count driving for 2 1/2 hrs, working a shite load. Lots of surgeries, dealing with people and cramped up on the front seat trying to run the computer and printer. Ergonomics, get thy face hence.
Also having a dog bite me and the vet. It was scared so don't blame the dog. It didn't break the skin on me but did on M. Now in a real country it would be a case of cleaning it up and moving on. Here it involves Animal Control, work forms, quarantine for 10 days, paper work and the slim but real threat of going Cujo.
All bites are supposed to be reported because of Rabies. Rabies was a vague passing thought before my new life, now its a major source of worry and income in vaccinations. Beasts can be infected for yonks and not display signs, if they bite you but not in a infective stage then its all ok. If they show signs within 10 days of being bitten then its all bad, if they show signs after 11 and beyond days its all good. I never knew this before starting work here. Still if this was a real country.....

Had In and Out Burger for dinner, pretty good for a simple beetroot though.
Considering I had only eaten 3 choccy chip cookies and half a thermos of tea since 4am, it was damn good.
Thank the clever one who invented thermoses, my hot tea keeps me strong and mighty through the long days.
We did our best day eva (i think) over $1700. Yay us. We are very proud.
I didn't have to drive the mobile back, cause we swapped people. Its the first time I haven't driven it in months. So it was really nice to sit back and not dodge semis.
We got back to work and its windy, real windy and cold. Buffering the vehicle, and sending tumbleling tumbleweeds into orbit. It not snowing which really is crap because how could it be
so cold without any interesting bits to go along with it....pfft.
We got back at 8:30pm and had worked out the most efficient, quickest way to pack up and get the hell out...a cunning plan.

So here we are loaded up with all the stuff we need to take inside. Me with computer, backpack and cash box. I open the door of the mobile and the wind just slams it. At this point the hand holding the cash box hits the door and flies open. Think on those competitions in a plastic box where all this money flew around and they had to catch as much of it as that but colder, windier and no containment. Yeah... the hysterics kicked in about then.
I think we got most of it back.

It been a long week.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


We had the first snow and rain of the season on Saturday. 'Bout time too. The locals were reminiscing about the times they had snow at Halloween. So unless it picks up, it may be a very long dry winter. The last couple of days have been sunny and cloudless, and once in the sun and out of the shade quite warm. There is still snow on the peaks surrounding the town and odd patches in forgotten parts of the woods.
I want it to snow cause its kinda fun and we desperately need the moisture, but I only want it to snow from Thursday night to Monday morn. The other days are one ones I drive the Vet Clinic very early in the morn, and less than keen about the whole skidding on the icy roads, sliding off and flipping over and over and over to my certain doom scenario that plays over and over in my mind.
But I'm sure it would be only one flip over....I'm such a exaggerator.

Woot..birthdays! namely mine, Rob's Laura's and Darwins.....Had a party on Sunday night, which over here was the 2nd but in Oz was the 3rd, so really it was my time of birth, but Monday the 3rd here was aswell. Two Birthdays Brillant!!

A fitting gift for a women in her mature years.