Monday, July 25, 2011


Say Hi to Kauri, my new foster pup. She was found collapsed on the side of the road out near Chinle, by a man who lives in Flag but works out that way. It gets 90+F/30+C out there and who knows how hot it is on the black top. He brought her home, fed and bathed her and next day, Wednesday, came to us. She was very weak and the poster child for 'dog tired'.
Her temp was 106F, that temp and above for any length of time is heat stroke and can cause internal organ damage. We cooled her down and gave her fluids. She was eating ok, but just had no energy at all. We were not even sure she could see at first, her eyes would not track and you had to shove the food bowl under her nose. I took her home the second night and still was pretty unresponsive. It's Sunday today, and she greeted us this morning with puppy wiggles and chasing our feet around the kitchen.
There was a puppy in there after all.

She gets all feersum and barks at the big dogs and ferrets. At the start even Darwin must have known she was sick cause even she was being gentle, now it's the normal growling if the pup looks at her sideways. I'm taking that as a sign she must be on the road to recovery.

She still isn't out of the woods. She may have Distemper or damage that has not manifested yet. If something does happen, least she would have had a few good days, which is way better than dying alone on the road.
It's only one little life, but it makes my day to help it.

And now- a ferret in a jumper.