Monday, June 27, 2011

Me and Watson


Things have settled back to the normal American way of life after the awesome trip back home. Having moments of home sickness, wish everything was closer. I love living here in Flagstaff but damnit why can't I have It all moved just outside Sydney. The snow would be closer for you Sydney skibums. We can't imagine living in the burbs again, so when/if we do move back it's going to be tough to decide on somewhere we want to settle.
Enjoying the summer, warm days cool nights. Feels like Christmas.

Went camping a few weekends ago. Down to our little secret spot on the Verde River. It's an hour drive to Camp Verde then another 1/2 hour or so down a pretty rough dirt road which you need a pretty good 4WD. Which is good in a way cause it keep most people away.
Playing in the rapids...dogs concerned

We have been there least 6 times now and apart from a few boaters floating by we have the place to ourselves. It's a 20 minute walk from the trailhead to the river.


It's down a hot dry riverbed, and the dogs are always hopping from shade to sparse shade waiting for us. Once they catch a whiff of the river its a race then a wet wiggly return to encourage us to catch up.
Spent the days swimming, reading, fishing and just lolling about.
Good times, and hopefully can get back down there again soon.
Spot the dog

Yesterday was my work's annual event "Pets In The Pines", us and other animal rescue groups get together raise money, awareness and hopefully adopt out a few critters. Its a fun day and lots of people and their pets.

Adopt me, please

We run a vaccine clinic, which was nice and steady all day. I worked there but still got time to check out the other booths. We adopted out 9 dogs and hopefully people will come back to the shelter to adopt if they couldn't do it that day.

Vaccines at the mobile

Watson and new Mum

Watson, my bottle baby foster has been adopted by a work friend, which is awesome as I can see him lots. Had to have his right front leg amputated, as it was not getting better. Three legged dogs can have great lives. He will be a big dog, which may put more stress on his other legs, but it should be all good as long as his weight is managed. He is so cute and everyone loves him. His brother Sherlock was adopted out to a farm, so I hope he is happy and healthy.
I do like happy foster pup endings ;)

Waiting for home