Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Where does it go?!
Only 9 days till we fly out to Australia, feels like we have been planning this for years...which is mostly true. Almost ready, trying to get the phones organised so we can actually contact people.
Very excited but I think I have said that a few times. Hopefully will have the chance to catch up with everyone.
Looking forward to Rowany, lots of folks to catch up with there. Even have a vague costume for the Lemming feast. If anyone wants chilis or anything else let me know and I'll try and pack it in.

The not so little foster pups are going great. We lost the female after 2 days but at that age it's lucky we kept any of them alive. They are about 5 weeks old and have gone from blind grubs and running, eating, pooping brats.
We named them Sherlock and Watson after watching the new BBC version set in modern day London. There is only three 1 1/2 hr long episodes so far. It's pretty good, and Sherlock is played by an actor with the best of British names Benedict Cumberbatch, he is kinda kooky looking too.

I'm half way writing an essay for my class on European Neolithic tombs, and have decided I want grave goods. Why did we stop burying awesome stuff with our dead? Just think of all those poor people in tatters mooching around, while a smirking King Tut ponces around on his horse, fondling his slaves and not sharing the ambrosia. Bastard.
Least give me a packet of Mint Slices and the discs for WOW.