Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We were upper right, near the flash. Picture from Notes From The Road

I Did Not Come To Caesar's Palace To Fool You

Not that I expected anything less from Len, but Saturday's night concert was beautiful. Less than a 4hour drive to Vegas to see him. Easy drive, listening to Good Omens to help you chuckle to time away.
I was blown away 2 years ago when we saw him in Phoenix so I knew it was going to be great.

He was in great voice, spry, witty and humble. You can tell the great love and respect that the whole band has for each other.
He sung on his knees a fair bit, which even for me as a non praying type does add a certain weight to the performance. I guess hanging out in a Buddhist Monastery does great thing for your flexibility.

You know the banter and patter are the same every night but it seems like he is saying it for the first time and just to you.

I took some video knowing it was going to suck but wanted to try it anyway. I wanted to get the bit in Hallelujah where is says the place he is playing in. I though he would say Las Vegas but no....

My first and probably only bootleg.