Saturday, August 21, 2010


I would have been a rool American today if it wasn't for unforeseen circumstances...dang it!

Got the letter, last Wednesday, telling me to get my butt to Phoenix on the 20th, which was a lot sooner than I expected but was pretty happy about it. I had to do some swapping of days at work and Rob even wrangled the day off to come with me. Then I got the letter informing me it was off, 3 days before it was supposed to be on. Sad face.
Oh wells. It will happen eventually.

The timing was going to be perfect too.
On Sunday we leave for 17 days rafting down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. What a way to celebrate!
I don't think this slight set back will mar the trip one iota. By day 3 I won't even know what date it is, let alone what civilization is up to.
We are just a little bit excited. Rob is grinning like a grinning thing.
I have mostly packed all my needs into a dry bag. Want to take the minimum of stuff but the right stuff. No shops down there to restock. The days will be hot and the nights warm. The water is freezing. So quick drying loose clothes that protect you from the sun but won't overheat you.
Spare sunnies and hats, cause I know I'll end up in the water at some point. Some of those rapids look pretty crazzzzy.
Books, games, ipod, goon, vegemite, camera and the will to mess about in boats. We gots it.

It is a private trip and pretty much everything is being taken care of by Cieba. We are paying for The Whole Shebang they supply the shuttle, boats, gear and food. The menus all look pretty yummy. This will not be a trail mix and 2 minute noodle fare.
There will 16 of us. 6 will hike out after 7 days at Phantom Ranch and 6 will hike in for the last 9. (including Mike and Laura)

Doesn't look thaaaaat scary...right huh!?!

I hope the election is going well. We got to postal vote at least.