Thursday, July 01, 2010


After years and years of thinking about it, all it took was for me to win a $50 voucher from Burly Fish Tattoo studio in a raffle at Pets In The Pines.
Which was a great success. Being evacuated the week before didn't even slow us down, and for the animals it was just another moving day.

Three days later I have new ink.

There are some images that just stick with you. The White Horse of Uffington is one of those for me.
There was a BBC show I remember from the 80's which in its opening credits had overhead images of the Horse. I think it was a bit of "Five Go Mad In Dorset" with a hint of "Cat Weasel" thrown in.

I've done a some googling but nothing that i recognise is coming up. If anyone remembers I'd love to know what it was called.

I have stood in its head. We got there near on dark. Ran through a sheep paddock, slipping in the mud to see it before it night. Love to go back and spend more time there.
It was first made 3000 years ago and has been maintained ever since.

Better than a flaming skull....or anything else from this site.
It's like a train wreck.