Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hhaha *snort* bet I'm the first and only blogger to combine a dumb six packed movie and thier post number....
I'm always first on the interweb.

Things I want to blog about ...but really this may be it if I don't get with it.

One- need to write up New Mexico roadtrip....dances with immigration (freaking again) and the odd wolf (not as often done as it would seem cool to do, despite the potential face eating)
Photos incoming if nothing else.

Two- Hal, my 15 year old nephew surviving the American School Experience.
School starts at 7:50am and gets out at 2:30pm. Hal walks home, walks the dogs and plays WOW till we get home. I drive him most days cause i'm working to, but he can walk with no problem. Walking distance was the sole reason we chose the school.
Went camping with some random kids over Spring break. He came back great...bit ooggly in the tummy (always boil the water) but with a great experience and stories. He had campfire smoke hair....I love that smell.
Lucky he tolerates a high degree of Aunt hugging.
To be fair he hugs me most days when I get home from work, so any positive hugs are awesome hugs.

Three- Rob and I surviving the great American School Experience. First time we have ever have any real responsibility for anyone else. So far so good. Lucky he can feed himself.

Forth and most important- My new iPod touch 64gb. Love it. The End.