Thursday, February 04, 2010


The snow storm that walloped us has come and gone. Some say 3rd biggest storm in Flags recorded history, some say 2nd...snow and memory is a fickle thing.
No snow since then but still a lot on the ground. We will get more before the seasons out. I'm hoping so. I want the Kate and co to experience it and I want to go snowboarding.

Last chapter left me on the side of the highway in a sadly non moving vehicle.
Snow happened.
Axis and Allies, WOW, D&D online, real life sledding and your general lolling about.
Snow happened.
Mum in law lent us her car to get to work and buy food (love her lots).
On Saturday we went to the car place, the place that sells cars. We bought one, a new one, a shiny grown up one.
Its a Jeep Compass....yeah I know, I had never heard of one before either.

Ours is white.
It is a 2009 model with 40 miles on the odometer. The ticket price was $21k but they took $5500 off it cause they wanted to move it. We were looking at the 2010 Subaru Forester which started at $23k. For 8k less, I can live without power windows and central locking and it has enough room for the dogs and camping gear. I will never admit it in public but I will miss heated seats. When we bought the 2000 Subaru Outback in 2007, I thought heated seats was a complete wank, but as the freezing mornings progressed I grew to love them, far more than is socially accepted. It also has a great warranty thingy so if we break down we shouldn't have to cry so much.

Two more days till Kate and family arrive, and 3 more till we are off to Mexico...kinda happy.

Ohh and I built a snow Dalek....