Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Came back from a wonderful weekend camping up on the peaks to the news that on Saturday, Coconino Humane Society (the local pound) had to evacuate all 60 odd animals to my work because of a fire that was closing in. When I was lolling about under the stars everyone at work was flat out trying to accommodate all the extra beasties into the shelter.
I got a call from my boss Sunday arvo, just inquiring whether I was home yet or not. I was, cleaning out the Drawer of Everything, so how many lumps of recycled alfoil, Aussie 20cent pieces and non working pens do you need anyhow?

View from our balcony. Smoke plume behind Mt Eldon.

She then asked whether I could come out to the Fairgrounds to help out as another fire had started and our place was being evacuated! Santa Vaca!
This new Schultz fire has now burnt 10'000+ acres and basically the area we were camping and hiking in. Eeekk. Yes, we put out our campfires.

Weatherford Trail Saturday, mostly burnt Sunday

So over 160 animals, ours and Coconino's were all moved to the buildings where they house the livestock during the County Fair.
Plus we are the shelter that houses all the pets from the people who have to leave their houses because of the fire.
So they all had to come there aswell.
Who evacuates the evacuators?
Its Wednesday night now, and we may be able to go back either tomorrow or Friday. There are staff there 24 hours, one to keep an eye on things and to take in any evacuated public pets.
I have been working the day shifts on the clinic side, lucky there is not any really sick animals because we would not be able to give them the proper care. I am the lead Vet Tech, so I'm the go to gal for any health related issues, which I mostly say 'Let me go get a vet...' if there is one on site, if not its 'well bring it over and we will isolate it till the vets turn up'
In a way its been mostly pleasent. The days have been fair and working outside is pretty nice. Everyone is wonderful and working hard and long to keep this all going. The sheer amount of donations (no nooo more blankets please) and there is a solid group of volunteers who come 3 times a days to help clean, feed and walk the dogs. The cats are just chilling in the pigeon and fancy chook coops.
The Salvos feed us every day and between that and just people dropping off supplies we have enough tucker to withstand any damn fire that's thrown at us.

Coconino Humane were able to move their critters back, so its just us, a few strays and the public.

We have managed to move a a good number out into foster until this is over. I have three little tykes (from a litter of 5), who were the most non socialized, scared feral pups I have ever seen when they came in a week ago. Now they won't leave me alone...little buggers.

The other 'interesting' part to all this is that on Sunday is our huge 'Pets In The Pines' adoptathon at Wheeler Park downtown. This week was to be preparing for that. Last year between us and the other rescue groups there was over 50 adoptions and the vaccine clinic was non stop. So Sunday is going to be other challenge, that I know we will rise to. For sure!
Then collapse in a exhausted heap.
We have had awesome publicity from this so there is always good from sheer bloody madness.

The Az Daily Sun has all the reports and photos.