Monday, July 12, 2010


Friday was my citizenship test and interview. I left home at 5:30 am to be in Phoenix by 8am. Its a pretty easy drive till you hit the big smoke then the traffic builds up.
So I get there go through the metal detectors and screening and let them know I'm here. Hang out playing 'Angry Birds' on my iPod till I'm called up. Only waited 20 minutes or so, the room was only 1/4 full of other people negotiating US Immigration.

First thing I had to do was stand with my right hand raised and swear to tell the truth and stuff.
Then to the test. They randomly choose 10 questions from a pool of 100. You have to get 6 correct.
I was ready.
She only asked me 6 then stopped. Dang It I wanted them all. I was ready!

Then I sat there while she read through my file, tapped on the computer and asked me a few questions now and then.
I did have to answer whether I am a commie or terrorist, committed a crime which I had not been caught for yet (does speeding to get to the interview on time count?) and would I be willing to take up arms in defense of the USA....bring on the zombie apocalypse and I'm there.

In the letter they told me to bring our marriage certificate and Rob's birth certificate, which I did. Turns out they already have that but what they really wanted was more proof that we are not a sham. Copies of joint bank statements, taxes, insurance...etc.
Which I could have brought with me if I knew.
So I have to post all that in and then they will yay or nay my application and I'll get a date for the ceremony.

I asked what happens if you can't make the date. She said you have 2 chances to go, after that you have to reapply.
Wanna bet the first date will be somewhere between August 23rd and Sept 7th?
Rob and I are spending 16 days on the Colorado River rafting through the Grand Canyon. It is going to be awesome with a capital amazing. Days messing about in boats interspersed with moments of sheer terror...yee haaaaa.
I've been freaking psyching myself with videos like this