Saturday, September 25, 2010


Only 15 years in the making. Who knew I had such a long term plan in the wings? Fooled you all didn't I! Muahahahhahaaaaaaaa

The first time I linked eyes with the American, which I carefully chose by a precise set of data points and phrenology, which set the wheels in motion for that fateful dance practice meeting.
I knew this was the diabolical way to forge ahead. If I couldn't become President of the Free World (yet), then dammit I could become Governor of some podonk state. Minions and lots of them will be mine, soon as I register to vote and create my power block.

All done bar the shouting

Even the viral hints and suggestions which I spread throughout the intertubes and public toilets, had the desired effect of the ceremony being at the place of my choosing. They came like flies to honey. Sometimes it's too too easy.

One day all this will be mine

Having the first ever citizenship ceremony in a National Park was my idea too. Have to keep the lesser mortals happy, at least for a time.

It worked. Even I was moved by the view and atmosphere. Next time though I will choose snappier tunes to warble along with. All a bit ponderous. See that's why I need minions to work out the small stuff.

I said the Oath of Allegiance and become one.
You have to say it out loud by law, or it doesn't count. Even got a groovy piece of paper.

The American..(not me the other one) can't be so smug now with his dual citizenship and two passports...Always lords it over me...always.
No more!