Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Meat pie in the Blue Mtns


Well that went fast. 5 weeks. 4 in Australia, 1 in New Zealand.
It felt like we had been gone for a week not 3 years. Conversations were resumed, old jokes retold and a general feeling of comfort and being home.

The Lemmings and Casa Celli

The biggest change were all the rugrats, all sentient and stuff, either in school or close to it.
Festival was awesome. Great way to see many people in one spot. The hordes of children were a delight and we the Lemming's celebrated our 20 years as a household. I think I've been a Lemming for about 18 years, it's been a very big, important part of my life.

Nw World Party- 20th Lemming Anniversary

We revisited old haunts, ate favourite foods and mostly remembered to drive on the left.

Snowpea, Rob and Hal- Mudgee

It is nice to be back in Flagstaff, snorgle with the dogs, catch up with the family, but I'll be ready to go back in a week or so. Pesky big planet and non teleportation technology.
It's weird and a little sad to think it will probably be years till I see some of the friends and family again.
Me and Dad