Tuesday, September 23, 2008


A quick synopsis of our 5 days in LA.
I'm going to Tuba City and Kayenta tomorrow at 5am and staying overnight, so I must sleep.

Stayed with Alyssa and Jesec and a multitude of cats. Always great to a locals in a big city.

Day 1
Got up at 4:30am to catch plane.
Yummy breakfast.
Lots of Wii, never played it before. Exercising while being a slug...love it. Toasted Rob at baseball, got smote at Boxing, but I think eXcite Truck was the winner on the day.

Nick Cave at the Hollywood Bowl, surely did rocketh yay verily. Cat Power was great, Spiritualized was okish but I wouldn't run out and see them again.
The venue is great, big open spaces, full moon and they allow you to bring in all manner of food and drink. We were a fair distance from the stage but the music was loud and clear.

Red Right Hand, The Ship Song, Mercy Seat...happy? hell yeah!
I sat next to this actor dude, who left early with his wife and 2 friends....no taste some people.
Weekly review and set list (in comments)

Day 2
Slept in.
More Wii.
Drove to Santa Barabra to visit Rob's Granparents. She is 102 and he is 92. Still live in their own house and doing very well. She plays Scrabble, does New York Times crosswords and counsels old people in dealing with aging. He still drives, paints, reads and gardens. An inspiration and bloody good genetics.

We stayed overnight and left around lunch time.

Day 3
Drove back to LA.
More Wii.
Indian dinner
Watched 'The Fly' till the wee hours. For preparation.

Day 4
Slept in.
Getty Museum, which is excellent.
What happens when you have more money that god and choose to spend it fairly wisely.
We only had a couple of hours so we just looked at a few exhibits, had lunch and wandered the gardens.
My camera battery run out and I left the spare at home...curses.
Got all gussied up and trotted off to the Opera House to see 'The Fly'.
It was interesting, fascinating and all a bit wierd.
I'm sure the performers after years of voice study and acting never thought they would be singing about 'vomiting up digestive fluilds and sucking them back up again'...and gross things about nails, teeth and gums falling out.

It was conducted by Placido Domingo, who I had a crush one as a teenager after watching various operas on video.
During the intermission Jesec claims he saw Viggo Mortensen wandering about, Alyssa and I were sorely, sadly disappointed. I've been practising my accidently trip and swoon now for years....lost opportunity once again...curses.

After that bit of culture we had a late dinner then went to one of the coolest bars I've ever been to.
The Edison, which is in the old restored Edison Power Plant. Its like walking into 1920's Metropolis/steampunk world. Expecting and hoping to leave and step onto a zepplein to drift off home.
A lot of the old machinery, generators and relics are all part of the decor. It was all a bit fabulous.

Day 5
Slept in
Yummy breakfast
Fly home.