Thursday, September 04, 2008


My key photo from France won a Honorable Mention ribbon at the Coconino County Fair this past weekend.
Its pink and shiny.
Not a winner as such but neither a photo with no ribbons, so I'm counting this as a win.
In a town of photographers, helloooo Grand Canyon just up the road, I'm a bit chuffed.
Next year I'll get on the ball and enter a few more.

The fair was fun, we watched the kids dance their colourful Mexican Dances, ate fried Chicken, got rained on a lot, patted some sheeps and took a spin on the YoYo.


Last Thursday we went to see John Butler Trio open for G Love and Special Sauce. Went mostly because of John Butler but G Love was pretty good too. The venue is at Pine Mountain Amphitheater, a big open grassy hill with a stage at the bottom. A perfect place to sit on the grass under the stars and listen to some good music.
Only 2 weeks till we go to LA to see Nick Cave...woot.


Last night we watched "No Country For Old Men", I really really liked it, but I had freaky dreams about the bad guy. Not quite a nightmare but it was violent and it did shock me awake, I had to lay there for a bit before I'd get up to go to the bathroom.
Lucky I have "The Shop Around The Corner" 1940 James Stewart movie to take my mind off psychos with bad hair.

Good dreams

Bad dreams

I can't vote in this US Prez election...but it sure is interesting. Esp on the bad guys side, nothing like flailing around doing damage control while looking like a bunch of intolerant, hypocritical, fundies. Which I guess goes with territory, so really shouldn't be surprised.
If the bad guys win I may be heading home earlier than expected.
Hopefully I'll have my duel citizenship for the next one.