Saturday, August 23, 2008


Got home last night from two days in Kingman on the mobile. Never so glad to see the Peaks as I am from coming home from that direction. Kingman is two hours away on I-40.
It's a if a had a soul destroying drive. Flat, hot, arid, coma inducing and you lose radio reception half way there.
It seems to never end, though at least this time of year its daylight for the drive.

Last year we went there in Winter so there is a whole lot of dark. I was driving the Mobile, as the other tech didn't have a license. I'm not a superstitous person at all, but there was a point there as I struggled to stay awake totally convinced that the sun was never, ever going to rise again.
If someone at that point whispered in my ear about surrendering and repenting, I'd still be posting on the Rapture Ready Forums on the evils of Harry Potter, wishing for Jeebus to take me away and worrying about what my heathen family, friends and pets will do in the Time of Doom
The sun came up.
No conversion was necessary.

Happy to be back in sunny, treey, hilly Flagstaff.

Last weekend we were scheduled to go back to Havasupai for work. For various reasons it was cancelled, which was pretty lucky really as they had a dam break and massive flash floods. The town is on higher ground and was ok, but the campgrounds below the waterfall were trashed and the had to evacuate 100's of people. The only way in and out is a 8 mile hike or Helicopter.

This is a photo I took of Havasu Falls in June and the next one is the same falls last weekend.

Tourism is pretty much the lifeblood of the community, so this is devastating in many ways.

We have a case of Hummingbirds. I bought two feeders and set them up with sugar water. One is hung where Rob works out on the deck. So he gets buzzed on a regular basis.

I have been practising my wildlife photographer poses. Sitting or standing very still while trying to remove the puppy latched onto my ankle and keep the feeder in focus waiting for the birds.

I'm managed to get a few ok shots. Search for 'hummingbirds' in Flickr for amazing pics.

The Coconino County Fair is on next weekend and I entered a photo. I got some pictures framed and hung them in the loungeroom. A friend came over and suggested I enter it.
Its one I took in Belves, France. Its framed with sage green mat and black frame and does look pretty good.

So wish me luck. Next year I may get more organised and do more. If you enter 5 or more things you get free entry.

We still have Flora. Fat and cheeky beast she is.