Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Mum is coming over to visit us on the 7th Oct till just after Christmas. The guest bedroom is almost ready and the snows will be on their way.
Which may make it harder to dig a shallow grave in the woods...just jokes Mother ;)

Its her first time overseas so I want it to be great.

The cunning plan is I drive to LA on the Monday (about 7hrs) and pick her jetlagged eyes up at LAX on Tuesday. We dither around LA, maybe go to the Bowers Museum...quilts and terra cotta warriors, looks awesome. Depends on how she is feeling and the crazy arse traffic.

Then we spend a couple of days driving up Hwy 101, the coast road which has beautiful views and cute little towns.
Thursday night we are staying in Monterey and I have tickets to the wonderful Monterey Aquarium. They are shutting the jellyfish room down...bugger. That I remember as one of my favourite exhibits, but we will have otters to console us.

Friday night we are in San Fransisco and I booked tickets to a evening tour of Alcatraz. Rob and I did this back in '99 and it was really interesting, plus you get a great boat ride and view of the city.

On Saturday we head inland towards Sacramento. Rob's cousin is getting married in the gardens of their Grandma 's house. Rob and family are flying in for it.
It should be a good party.
Rob is staying with us for the leg home to Flagstaff.
Not sure what the plan is exactly but it will include Yosemite, redwoods, Las Vegas. Hoover Dam and some other Yank stuff.

One of the reasons we thought about coming back through Vegas was to take Mum, hard core trekkie that she is, to the Hilton's Star trek Experience. But due to some dumb fight over the lease, the last day is today....bugger. Couldn't they have duked it out for another 6 weeks at least.

Grr...Dumb Hiltons

So sorry Mum, no Capt Kirk's Chicken Salad washed down with a Romulan Ale, no dodging Borg, no holographic rides, no trinkets.

Puts the refreshing back into Romulan

At least we will have Thunder From Down Under to console us.